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News: Present and Future

In Progress


Instructional DVDs with the 8 katas required up to Shodan (first degree Black Belt)
We have finished filming (done by a professional video photographer from nFinia, the same company that previously produced our TV and theater commercials) the katas required for students in BBT and/or BBT2 classes. There will be three "volumes", as follows:

Volume 1 : containing katas Pinan One, Pinan Two and Nekobuto One.

Volume 2 : containing katas Pinan Three, Pinan Four and Pinan Five.

Volume 3: containing katas Nekobuto Two and Saifa, and extras (such as students performing synchronized katas, weapons katas, knife defenses, Arnis/Kali drills and Protech jujitsu material).

Right now the raw footage is being edited and the DVDs are being produced with menus, front and rear views of the katas, printed material including text descriptions of the moves in each kata, etc... We hope to have them available at the dojo soon, but do not have an estimated date yet, since the video editing and production is proving to be very time and labor intensive. They will be priced as follows: any single volume for $17.95, the first two volumes (on a single DVD) for $29.95 or all three (on a single DVD) for $34.95. Anyone ordering ahead and pre-paying will receive a 10% discount from the prices listed.

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August 2nd


Graduation at the Noblesville Academy
On Saturday, August 2nd we will hold graduation ceremonies for students who will be promoted to their next belt rank. Friends and family are invited to attend, to share this proud event and congratulate our students. If you have not received your graduation letter, or filled out your forms for graduation, see Sensei or one of our Interns as soon as possible.


August 23rd



Private Rank Testing for Shodans
On Saturday, August 23rd we will hold our next Black Belt testing. That is when we put our students who are advancing to Black Belt through a strenuous testing cycle, lasting approximately 5 hours. Candidates will do between 500 and1000 kicks to demonstrate their techniques, their physical abilities, their endurance and indominatable spirit. After that exhausting task, each prospective Shodan will perform every block, kick, punch and stance of Shorei Goju. They are also graded on at least eight Karate katas and one weapons kata. In addition to performing our pre-arranged self defense sequences, they are graded on their self defense capabilities from punches and kicks, from various positions (standing, sitting, lying on the ground) and defending against weapons. They will perform continuous line defense against single and multiple attackers. They will be asked questions from the material in our Progress Log terminology and history sections. Overall, we will test their mind, their body and their spirit!

If you are a First Brown Belt and/or close to meeting the requirements for graduation to Shodan (first degree Black Belt) be sure to see Sensei and prepare for your testing!




Weapons and Protech curriculums
In weapons classes we are currently doing the Bo (6 foot staff). In Protech classes we have completed "wrist locks and arm locks" and are now practicing "arm bars".




Three new Interns at our Noblesville Winning Edge Academy
In addition to Rachael Wright, who has been with us quite a long time, we have three new interns: Mr. Anthony Pezzanite, Mr. Gary Coffey and Mr. Scott Hauger. They assist in the business office, with teaching classes and with the large task of preparing for and holding graduations. If students or family members have questions or need help at the dojo, either ask Sensei or one of these interns - we are all glad to help in any way possible.

Since April 1st



New Schedule of Classes
Our new schedule is now in effect. There is an additional Kids BBT2 class (added on Thursday) and the Family BBT2 on Saturday has been split into two - separate for Kids and Adults. Also, a few classes have been re-arranged based upon suggestions and feedback from a survey responsed to by students and families. The new class schedule is posted up on the bulletin board at the school, and paper copies available for anyone who needs one. If you would like an electronic copy (in Excel) please use our "Contact Us" tab on the main page of the website and we will reply with attachment.

Ongoing, on Saturdays and Sundays



Birthday Parties at Winning Edge Martial Arts
We have had great success with kids' birthday parties on weekends. Typically, we start with dodgeball and some games, then a 45 minute Karate class before we break for cake, ice cream and beverages. After some more fun and another Karate class (including some fun for the kids with foam nunchaku) the birthday guest opens presents, and other guests are given party bags.

We enjoy doing events like these as a way to introduce martial arts and our school to people in the community. If you know of a youngster with a birthday coming up, contact Sensei or any academy staff (e.g. Rachael Wright, Mr. Anthony Pezzanite, etc.) about scheduling the dojo for an afternoon of fun for the kids!



News: Past

2008 Yearbook



Harrison Parkway Elementary School 2008 Yearbook
Families with students at Harrison Parkway Elementary may notice that we have a photo in their 2008 Yearbook, on page 49. Sensei Kuzel and Benjamin Kuzel taught martial arts to the students there as part of an "After School Enrichment" program.

June 7th, 2008


Graduation at the Noblesville Academy
On Saturday, June 7th we held graduation ceremonies for approximately 50 students who were promoted to their next belt rank. This included four new black belts: Mr. Gabe Caban, Mr. Anthony Pezzanite, Mr. Gary Coffey and youth black belt Ryan Veazie. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted, and thank you to all the friends and family who attended.

May 31st, 2008



Private Rank Testing for Shodans
On Saturday, March 31st we put our students who were advancing to Black Belt through their rigorous testing. Students who participated and successfully completed testing included: Mr. Gabe Caban, Mr. Gary Coffey, Mr. Anthony Pezzanite and youth Shodan candidate Mr. Ryan Veazie.

April 12th, 2008


Graduation at the Noblesville Academy
On Saturday, April 12th we held graduation for students promoting to their next belt ranks. Newly promoted Youth Shodans (first degree black belts) included Jordan Brown and Kevin Bader. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted and thank you to the families and friends who attended this event with us!!!



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