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News: Archive from 2005




Mr. Howe promoted to rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt)
After rigorous testing by a board including Sensei, Master Gunderson and Master Higginbotham, Mr. Howe was promoted from Nidan to Sandan. A photo is on the Midwest Martial Arts Photo Gallery page.

October 15th



Midwest Martial Arts received Fishers "Pillar Award" as Small Business of the Year
We were honored by the Fishers Chamber of Commerce (a prestigious organization of 850 local businesses) with an award for "Small Business of the Year, 2005 ". The award (shaped like a pillar) is on display at our academy.

October 23rd



Arnis Seminar by International Expert
We were very fortunate to have Master Ken Smith of the International Modern Arnis Federation (headquartered in the Fillipines) do a seminar at our academy. Master Smith is recognized as one of the finest practitioners in the world, and had a lot to teach for everyone from beginners to experts.

Sept 23-25


Senseis Advancement
Sensei Kuzel was in Chicago to face a board of high ranking senior black belts, including Master Gunderson and GrandMaster Czochara. He passed written and oral exams, performed kata, board breaking, self-defense, sparring and faced other physical and mental challenges. His performance, in combination with his experience and accomplishments over the past several years, earned him a promotion to 4th degree black belt.

Sept 9th


Graduation Ceremony
A record number of students graduated, ranging in rank from white belts to shodans (3 students were promoted to first degree black belt).

August 20th

Board Breaking seminar
Held at Midwest Martial Arts dojo - with students, families and friends participating. Aside from our standard hammerfist, palm-heel and downward punches to break single or multiple boards, we saw: knife hand, ridge hand and elbow strikes, one-inch strikes, finger strikes and side-flying kicks to break boards.

July 25

Picture Day
We had a professional photographer come in so that students and families could get photos taken. Sittings and proofs are done at no charge, with photo packages available after people reviewed the results of the proofs. Our academy is going to use photos for this web site, and produce a collage from the aggregate of photos taken.

July 23-24

Jujitsu seminar
Grandmaster Jedan Figueroa from Puerto Rico is holding a two day Ju-Jitsu seminar in Chicago.

July 5

Fox 59 News live at Midwest Martial Arts
The Fox 59 News morning show with Catt Sadler filmed for live TV at Midwest Martial Arts. Many students and family members came in early to participate as Catt Sadler did several "segments" and "teaser spots" throughout the morning. Master Gunderson, head of the United Stated Black Belt Association, was a special guest as Catt interviewed him about his nomination of Kuzel for induction into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Catt also interviewed Master Gunderson about the modern day benefits of Martial Arts training, especially in relation to building confidence, respect and character. In addition to interviews, Catt filmed students and family members during normal school and class activities, then did a segment of stick work (Arnis Sinawali practice) with Sensei Kuzel. Her final segment was partnering with Mr. Ben Loschky as she was instructed on how to perform a hip throw. Catt was truly enthusiastic about how a smaller, petite woman could throw down a much larger opponent! Catt posed for a few photos, which are on the Midwest Martial Arts Photo Gallery page. Also, we have DVD copies of the entire show for interested students or families.

July 2-3

International Modern Arnis Federation (IMAF) seminar
Guru Samuel "Bambit" Dulay is holding a two day Arnis seminar in Chicago.

June 25

Parents' Night Out
A student sleep-over was held at the dojo, and fun was had by all, as we practiced martial arts on the mat, played games, ate pizza and snacks and watched videos. We believe the parents also had a good time, with a well-deserved break to relax at home or have a night out.

June 18

Women's Self-Defense Seminar (this seminar is presented on a regular basis as a community service, by Midwest Martial Arts, free of charge to community organizations).

On June 18th, Holly Strauss sponsored this seminar for her group, the Horizon Christian Fellowship church.

June 10–12

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
The 2005 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (WMAHOF) is being held in Manchester, New Hampshire. Sensei Kuzel will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and receiving an award as Instructor of the Year.

May 5–6


Midwest Martial Arts and the Winning Edge Provides Personal Safety to Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen of Joel Osteen Ministries sold out two shows at the Allstate Arena. We were proud and honored to have provided the Personal Safety Team to the Osteen family. Click here for a message from Master Bruce Gunderson.

April 30

Board Breaking seminar
A board breaking seminar was held at Midwest Martial Arts dojo. It was very well attended (by children and adults, men and women) and everyone had a great time. In addition to students, we even had a few family members participate. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Metzler who video taped during the event, and have provided a DVD record of the event to us.

April 3–4


Women’s Self-Defense Course
The four week session was a big success. Everyone learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Stay tuned for another session later in the year. Check out the Chicago Winning Edge Martial Arts pictures page for photos.

March 11–13


Filipino Martial Arts Seminar
The Midwest Academy of United Martial Arts, Inc. hosted a Filipino Martial Arts weekend seminar in Tinley Park, IL. Master Bruce, Sensei Dave, Sue, Ryan, and TJ attended this educational and fun event. The weekend was sponsored by Sensei Dave Greco. Hanshi Bruce Juchnik shared some excellent techniques and history.

February 15


Midwest Martial Arts Grand Opening, Black Tie Celebration
Sensei Ken Kuzel hosted the grand opening of Midwest Martial Arts, in Noblesville, Indiana. Master Bruce Gunderson and Sensei Dave Scorza from Chicago were guests of honor at a special event celebrating the exciting opening of the new dojo. The new school is a member of the United States Black Belt Association. It was a great party with grand demonstrations and good cheer. In addition to many martial artists, the event was also attended by members of the Noblesville and Fishers business community and local dignitaries including the mayor, fire chief and chief of police.



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