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News: Present and Future

December 15th



Graduation at the Noblesville Academy
On Saturday, December 15th Master Dave Scorza from the Winning Edge in Chicago (and board member of the U.S.B.B.A. ) joined us as we held graduation ceremonies for our students who promoted to their next ranks. This included Little Dragons, kids and adults from White Belt all the way to Brown Belt. Our final cermony was for our new Shodans (First Degree Black Belts). Students, family members and friends joined us to applaud the achievement of our hard working students. Newly promoted Black Belts include: Damien Solodow, Rachael Wright, Robert and David Nance, Ritesh and Aditya Jariwala, Brittany and Emily Williams. Congratulations!!!

December 1st



Private Rank Testing for Shodans
On Saturday, December 1st we put our students who were advancing to Black Belt through a strenuous testing cycle, lasting more than 5 hours. We started by testing them on every block, kick, punch and stance of Shorei Goju. They were also tested and graded on at least eight Karate katas and one weapons kata. In addition to performing our pre-arranged self defense sequences, they were graded on their self defense capabilities from punches and kicks, from various positions (standing, sitting, lying on the ground) and defending against weapons. They performed continuous line defense against single and multiple attackers. In addition to that exhausting schedule, each prospective Shodan did at least 1000 kicks to demonstrate their techniques, their physical abilities, their endurance and indominatable spirit. They also answered questions from the material in our Progress Log terminology and history sections. We tested their mind, their body and their spirit. and they excelled!

Saturdays and Sundays



Birthday Parties at our Academy
We have had great success with kids' birthday parties on weekends. Typically, we start with dodgeball and some games, then a 45 minute Karate class before we break for cake, ice cream and beverages. After some more fun and another Karate class (including some fun for the kids with foam nunchaku) the birthday guest opens presents, and other guests are given party bags.

We enjoy doing events like these as a way to introduce martial arts and our school to people in the community. If you know of a youngster with a birthday coming up, contact Sensei about scheduling the dojo for an afternoon of fun for the kids!





Advertisement at Great Escape Theater
Our television commercial with the kung fu chimp, and short clips of martial arts for kids, adults and families has been airing in the lobby kiosk at the Great Escape Theater for the past several months. It is now also being shown on the big screen between shows. If you see it, let us know what you think (comments and feedback to Sensei or anonymously in our suggestion box at the dojo).




Newsletter for First Quarter 2007
We have sent out our quarterly Winning Edge Martial Arts newsletter. If you don't remember seeing it, we have one posted on our bulletin board at the academy as well. In it there are announcements about: the demo team; additional curriculum for BBT, BBT2 and Advanced Self-Defense (see below); and information about student rank testing. We have lots happening, and expect an exciting year ahead!




Additional Curriculum in BBT and BBT2 Classes
In addition to the Kihon (blocks, kicks, strikes) listed in your Progress Logs, we will be doing the following:

BBT: sparring with Sensei; continuous line self-defense from punches; katas and bunkai (at least 3 per kata); Arnis trapping hands and flow.

BBT2: sparring with Sensei and others; continuous line self-defense from a variety of attacks and without pausing between attackers, and multiple attackers; katas and bunkai for entire kata; Small Circle Jujitsu drills; Pressure Point meridians.

Advanced Self Defense for Adult Leadership students: Gun and knife defense. Other weapons. Defense from all positions. Non-compliant attackers. Seminar material (pulsating pain, non-compliant attackers, theory of 180 degrees, etc...).

April 28th



Board Breaking Seminar
Board breaking is a lot of fun, and typically is one of our most popular seminars. This was our first board breaking seminar this year and the first time many of the attendees had done board breaking. Students, neighbors and family all participated, as we broke one inch thick pine boards using techniques such as: hammerfist strike, seiken tsuki punch, palm heel strike, shuto (knife hand) strike, front snap kick, heel kick, side thrust kick, stomp kick. Everyone had a great time, and everybody there broke boards (including parents, grandparents and younger siblings). Thanks to all those who participated as well as the people who help set up and clean up. Great seminar!!!




Academy name change to Winning Edge Martial Arts
As previously announced, we have changed the school name from "Midwest Martial Arts" to "Winning Edge Martial Arts". This was done for a number of reasons, such as:

1) There are other "Midwest Martial Arts" in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio - some martial arts schools, others selling products. We are not associated with them, and do not want to be confused with those businesses.

2) We are strengthening our ties to Sensei Kuzel's roots with "Winning Edge Martial Arts" in Chicago, Master Bruce Gunderson, Master Dave Scorza, and the U.S.B.B.A.

3) The "Winning Edge Group" offers a more expansive set of services than just our traditional dojos. They are promoting national safety and awareness programs such as the "Fight Like a Girl" (female protection) and "WE CARE" (child protection).

We believe that our name change, as an expression of our values and the direction we are taking, is a great step forward for our schools, our students and our communities.




Two Additional Classes, for Adult Leadership Students
With the new year, we are adding two new classes for adult students in our Leadership Program. They are: Advanced Self-Defense on Wednesday evenings, 8:15pm and Advanced Sparring on Friday evenings, 8:30pm.

Jan-May 2007




Our Television Commercial on new stations
Our television commercial has been airing on Insight Cable television at various times throughout the day for the past several months. It is now on the following stations: AMC, FX, E! and the Hallmark channel.

2006-Jan 2007




Our Television Commercial at the Theatre and on Cable TV
If you have been to the Great Escape Theatre you may have noticed that their lobby kiosk, which plays movie trailers throughout the day, plays 3 varieties of our Midwest Martial Arts television commercial. It begins with our mascot, the kung fu chimp, and shows short clips of martial arts for kids, adults and families. Our commercial is also airing on Insight Cable television, at various times throughout the day on the following channels: ABC Family, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.




First Newsletter Sent Out
We have sent out our first Midwest Martial Arts newsletter. If you did not receive one or it got buried in the pile of holiday mail, we have one posted on our bulletin board at the academy. In it we make several announcements, such as: expansion of staff, two new programs, an upcoming name change for the school (same logo, details to follow soon), demo team tryouts, and more! We have lots happening, and expect an exciting year ahead!



News: Past



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